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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baby Harbor Seals Make Everything Better

Today I was feeling really bummed out. Mostly because I've had to talk more than usual about my completely stagnant pursuit of acting. In the past week, multiple tables EVERY shift have asked if I'm an actor. IT'S GETTING ABSURD. The next table that asks if I'm an actor is going to get asked why they assume that. We have people at work getting their PhD, saving for medical school, writing, playing music, doing stand-up. There are people there who speak FOUR languages. One of our bussers is a mechanical engineer who owns a business back in Mexico and sends his money back to his family. Not EVERYONE is an actor. In fact, the majority of them are not. But... I am. Or, at least, I'm trying to be more than just an aspiring one.

I've spent the past year helping out with an Acting for the Camera class, and that's pretty much it. Yes, I've paid off debt and saved money, and that IS part of the bigger goal. There are a lot of expenses involved in chasing this dream and I look at it like running a small business... I didn't want to go after it while drowning in a sea of interest. But that's all paid off now and no more excuses.

The point is... I was pretty depressed today, feeling lost, and I was not too enthusiastic to be at work. I gave some tables away, traded for a crappier section, and as a result... I walked away from a five hour shift with $30. Whatever. You know what makes everything better???

They make everything better! I came home and my wonderful LP, who always makes everything better, showed me our lastest issue of Zoo News from our beloved L.A. Zoo... and it had the most adorable photo of this baby seal on it. Click the link for more cuteness!

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