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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Debt Free!!!!

Today is an extremely important day in my life. Today, I am officially:


I paid off my credit card debt this spring/summer and today I made my final payment to my brother. Several years ago, my oldest brother helped me purchase a used car. I had been in an accident where my car was totaled by an uninsured driver and since I had "liability only" coverage, most of the costs weren't covered. My brother was completely amazing and loaned me a little over $2,000 to help me buy a new car. Today, I transferred the final amount owed to him.

This is an AMAZING feeling and I'm just so happy to know that I'm now going to have the extra money I need to pursue my career, take classes, etc... No excuses now! 

Generic happy "debt free" image.
How did I accomplish this feat? Well, first, I got a job. Part of the reason I had debt to begin with was because I spent a year working as an extra/background actor where my income was completely...um...lacking. I couldn't pay more than the minimum on what I already owed from my laptop/plane tickets home. So interest built up. Then, I was so broke, that I had to start putting things like groceries on my credit card. Then there were some car repairs, and so on and so on.

Once I got my current job, I was able to throw down money on that credit card like crazy. I also never bought anything that I couldn't pay for in full. The biggest help, besides having a job, of course, was keeping my bills/expenses low. I didn't get a smart phone until last month, because I wanted to keep my cell phone bill below $50. I also don't pay for cable TV. Biggest of all, though, is my rent. While it's expensive compared to someone living in the Midwest, I only pay $450 a month. Compared to everyone else I know...this is nothing. I share a two bedroom apartment with my Life Partner and one other roommate. It's a small, VERY small two bedroom...but we make it work. Splitting the internet and electricity bill three ways is helpful, too.

A year ago, we actually had FIVE people living in this apartment. LP and I shared one bedroom, while our current roommate shared his with another friend. Then that roommate's girlfriend moved in because she got kicked out of her place. So I was paying even less than I am now.

Although, right now, we do have an extended house guest sleeping on the living room floor. He just moved to L.A. so we're trying to help him out by letting him stay here for awhile. Friends say I'm crazy, but... that's my life.


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! congrats! we did the same thing to pay off our debt this past spring. no cable, limited our cell plan, and vowed to only pay cash for things. it's such a foolproof plan, the whole NOT living beyond your means thing. :-) again, congrats!

  2. ha! i was not aware that delilah was the one you directed you to AE! i went to junior high with delilah at sudlow, then in high school she went to north and i went to central. were you class of '04 too? i actually took a class at north when i was in 8th grade. spanish II with a teacher named april something. so funny, i had no idea this whole time.

  3. Hey, thanks for the visit! I have no idea when I will be able to say I'm debt free short of winning the lottery, but it is inspiring, thanks ;) I actually kind of ranted about this same thing today in my ten days of blogging thing, on the "things I'd change if I could" topic, lol. But I do look forward to saying I'm credit-card and medical-bill debt free sometime in the near future... but those student loans are going to sit there and fester for quite some time haha