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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One for the record books...

This was an epic one, but in a good way. It was an easy night, a quiet night, and was able to pull in a decent amount of cash for how slow it was. What was so absolutely fucking amazing about tonight was that the last customers came in 45 minutes before we closed and at 10 PM (lock the doors!), all the checks were down on the table. At 30 minutes to close, we could not believe our luck. The host stand, the bussers, the kitchen, the servers, and even the management... we all noticed. Would it be possible? We were so sure that a party of 20 would walk in two minutes to closing time. But it didn't happen. The only people who came in over the next fifteen minutes sat at the bar, ordered carry out and had a drink. It was amazing. We were able to give everything a solid cleaning, I scrubbed things that I normally do not scrub out of a simple good will and cheer that I had no customers left. As a closer, I left the restaurant at a decent hour.

Tonight, citizens of West Hollywood decided to eat dinner at a normal hour. It was slow and steady the whole evening and I walked out of there with a respectable amount of cash for very little stress.

Tonight was a night for the record books. In the 365+ days that I have worked at that restaurant, this combination of awesomeness has never occurred. Not Once. Not EVER.

So, thank you World, for being on my side tonight. Thank you for not giving me any absurd customers to complain about, even if it makes my blog entry a little dull.

Thank you.

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