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Monday, October 18, 2010

Murder Mystery Dinner!

The restaurant I work at has decided to host its First Annual Murder Mystery Dinner! We have so many talented people working there that we don't have to go far outside of our "family" to find the cast. I spent about 5 unpaid hours at work today assisting with the auditions. Why did I do this??? I have no idea. Looking for instant gratification, I suppose. At least I got some free pizza and coffee out of it.

We will have one rehearsal and one performance. It's mostly improv, of course, with a few little scripted bits. Part of me is terrified of a train wreck, but the guests are mostly paying for the wine and food (as opposed to the show), so even if it is a disaster... c'est la vie.

I technically auditioned, but it was essentially a formality, since there wasn't anyone else who could really play that character. What that audition made me realize was that I really, REALLY need to take some improv classes. It's something that does scare me a bit, especially in auditions... and nowadays commercial auditions are largely centered on improvisation. I tend to freeze up. Since the character I was auditioning for was supposed to be military trained in the special ops and is a bit dark and gothic, I acted like those frozen moments were actually intimidating, not blank outs. I'm not sure I was convincing, but since there really wasn't anyone else...

Ingenue, I am not, and my comedic chops should definitely be honed. I adore Tina Fey. I need to be more like her. I'll keep you all posted on whether I make a total fool of myself. Oh, well...there's free wine. If it starts to fall apart, I'll just get blitzed.

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