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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photo heavy! A ring, an apartment, and new headshots!

Life is just chugging along, isn't it? I've been auditioning a lot more lately (in fact, I have one tomorrow!), have nice new headshots... have been moving along with the wedding, and am working a little bit each day on moving!

First, my favorites out of the new headshots. Many thanks to David Carlson!

My absolute favorite is the jumping one. I don't care if I can't use it that often. I love it.

Now! On to the new apartment. Yes. We found one. It's fabulous. It costs only a little more than what we're currently paying and it's...
  1. Bigger
  2. Sans Roommates
  3. Did I mention it's just us? Without roommates?????
Yeah. And it still has a view. And a balcony. And we can get a pet. OK, so just a cat.. but someone else in the building has TWO bull terriers and I think the manager looks the other way. Oh, and did I mention it's RENT CONTROLLED? Bwahahahahahahahaha. I'm sorry, was I bragging about my most awesome find of the century? Yeah? TOO BAD! I worked really freaking hard to find the best place possible, and this is a total win. We didn't time our move out too well and will end up paying a little on both places this month in pro-rated rent, but we're enjoying the leisurely move. We're looking forward to officially beginning our living there and painting! :-) Oh! And it's right down the street from our current place and we already love the hood and know the parking situation!

living room with fabulous screened-in balcony!

View from dining area. Wait... we have a dining area now????

HOLY SHIT! Is that a vintage kitchen? YES IT IS!!!

I'm sorry, did you say your new place was RENT CONTROLLED?????

Wow... look at that laminate wood flooring in your ENTRYWAY!

What adorable little French doors and separate oven you have!

I'm sorry, is that a LINEN closet AND a COAT closet?

OK, so I'm still not sure how I feel about the separate tub/bath...

...but will you look at all that counter space? Yes. I don't care how ugly the top is...

Bedroom. Your closet is about two feet longer than our current. What will I do with all your space?

Yeah. I'm positively giddy. Our bedroom has a nice big window, too. I positively can't wait to paint and decorate and get everything moved in. It's just a pile of boxes at the moment and we're still living out of our old space. We have to find a fridge and I thought I found something great on Craigslist, but the seller backed out last minute. GRUMP!

FINALLY.... Jake's ring! He chose to have a thumb ring because of comfort and because it's a reference to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. He works with his hands/fingers on a daily basis and isn't used to wearing jewelry. I think a thumb ring looks cooler and is an awesome compromise since I didn't think I could talk him into a ring in the first place.

We had it made by the same goldsmith who did mine and I think it looks INCREDIBLE!

It's inspired by a vintage airplane wing and I love the industrial, cobbled together look! And Jake is absolutely in LOVE with it!  The textures vary throughout the ring, and I can't wait to post some more pictures of it, but I had to snag this one while he slept!!!

Oddly enough, some people have objected more to the fact that he's wearing it before the wedding than the fact that it's a thumb ring! My engagement ring and wedding band are one and the same, why can't he enjoy it too?

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