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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Audition tomorrow!

This morning I got a call from a casting director. I have an interview/audition tomorrow. For a real job. Not some student thing, but an actual bona fide audition for a Vegas casino. It's just for print/internet use, but it pays pretty decently. I don't have high hopes for snagging it, but I'm happy just to get called in.

I'm supposed to wear a "casual short skirt and top." I only own three skirts, two of them are almost knee length and the other wouldn't really be considered short or casual since it's grey wool. Cute... but definitely not "Vegas." I may have to hit up the Forever 21 if I have time tomorrow. I'm really glad that I just happened to have the day off.

No matter what, though, I'm going to have to wear leggings! Look at the gnarly bruise I've got on my shin.  I bruise really easily, so I'm never quite positive where they come from, but I'm pretty sure this is the result of moving chairs around at work.

I'll never be a leg model.

In other news. Can I just share the most delicious meal in the world with you? In an ideal situation, this would be paired with red quinoa and some caramelized red onions , but since I didn't feel like dirtying many dishes and wanted dinner in less than ten minutes... I left them out. But still...

Brussels Sprouts, walnuts, veggie bacon, and Feta with fresh lemon juice and lots of sea salt and pepper. We already had the sprouts prepped in the fridge, so I just steamed them for a few minutes before throwing them into the iron skillet with the nuts and veggie bacon.

I eat this meal with random variations (different cheese, nuts, grain) with an absurd frequency whenever sprouts are available on the stalk. I'd never eaten sprouts until I watched an episode of Good Eats on it. I love Alton Brown.  So, so much.

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