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Monday, October 4, 2010

Belle & Sebastian in concert!!!

Yup, Reason #3,456 (or whatever I said) for Loving L.A.


Talk about freaking serendipitous. Saturday night I drove a coworker home, so I took a different route home than I normally would. I was driving on Sunset, and as I was passing the Palladium, I saw that BELLE & SEBASTIAN was playing the following night! 

I really wanted to go, but it was late and as soon as I got home I crashed. I had to get up early the next morning for work and didn't have time to see if tickets were still for sale.

As I was sitting around at the start of the shift, polishing glassware, I was lamenting the story to my coworkers. Well, wouldn't you know, one of the guys I work with just happened to be in possession of a pair of BELLE & SEBASTIAN tickets!!!!! A buddy of his wanted to get rid of them, and this coworker offered to try and sell them. Lucky me, I got them at a reduced rate. I asked my brother to come with me since he's the one who got me into them in the first place.

I wish I had some photos of my own to share, but I really hate people who stick their cell phones up in the middle of a show. It's so distracting and the flash is obnoxious. The Palladium is an amazing venue though. Used to be a ballroom back in the day...totally gorgeous. The concert was great. They played a lot of newer stuff I didn't really recognize, and they really pepped up a lot of their songs to have more energy for the show. Coolest part was the full band: four violins, two pianos, two keyboards, drummer, flute, cello, french horn, trumpet, harmonica, recorder.... people played multiple instruments. Talented group for sure.

Mostly, I was just super excited that I got to go on a whim and that it all worked out so perfectly. Plus, I got to hang out with my big brother. Awesome.

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