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Friday, October 15, 2010

Do Just One Thing for Your Career... Every Day

LP was given advice once by a young, fairly successful actor:

Do at least ONE thing for your career every day.

Doing just one thing every day may not seem like much (and going to the gym or something doesn't count, even for actors), but before you know it, a week goes by, a month, a year, and... what do you know? You haven't been pursuing anything. I'm sure this advice could apply to just about anybody, but for anyone who is essentially a small business owner, you have to be self-motivated.

For a long time, I've been full of excuses, mostly financial ones, of why I wasn't doing much of anything. After I graduated, I did an internship, then was a background actor full time until I became SAG eligible. Then my excuse was that I needed to find a serving job, because I couldn't afford to not work a day to go audition. Once I got my current job, I worried about asking for too much time of if I did get involved in a project. I felt guilty about spending money on my career when I owed money to family. 

And trying to be an actor is like owning a small (ok, VERY small) business.

But today, I signed up, paid for, and filled out my complete profile/resume on L.A. casting. Cost: $104.95 for six months plus one additional photo.

Tomorrow, I'm going to do the same for Actor's Access.

Eventually I want to subscribe to IMDb Pro and Backstage West, join Actor's Network, put my reel together, buy my domain name and build a website, get business cards, and it goes on and on. But there's no excuses. With my debt gone, it's time to put that money towards me.

Thanks, by the way, Delilah. Your post reminded me of this advice. But you added something that really hit home for me. That was that the dishes can wait, washing my hair can wait, running some bullshit errand can wait. Doing that one thing will make me feel way better. And it did!

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