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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sleep Schedule

When you live this kind of life- waiting tables, pursuing a dream... Your sleep schedule gets all kinds of screwed up, which makes it difficult to pursue said dream.

Some nights, like last night and tonight and tomorrow night, I end up working pretty late. If I'm closing, I don't get out until close to midnight. By the time I walk to my car, drive home, stomp up four flights of stairs... thirty more minutes have passed. Then I usually decide to change clothes, walk to the nearest grocery/liquor store and buy some booze because I'm so hyped up and stressed out from work that I need to wind down. Now it's 1 AM. Then I make sweet love to that bottle of wine, talk to my poor life partner (LP) whom I never get to see, and by the time I'm feeling like I should go to sleep... it's 3:30 AM.

So that's why I'm waking up past noon every day. That makes it difficult to get things done before I have to rinse and repeat for the next shift. And then...after a couple days of this... I work a few lunch shifts requiring me to get up at 8 AM... just to make things exciting.

And if you work at some kind of 24 hour diner or club or something...don't hate me for whining about this kind of schedule. Yes, I know... you have it FAR worse.

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