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Monday, August 9, 2010


Reason #592 for Loving L.A. = Proximity to Disneyland!!

See. It's all pink and stuff...because this post is about Disney. That makes design sense, right?

Life partner and I had a great couple of days this week because his sister and brother-in-law came to visit. Besides the fact that I love them both and it was great to see them, I also really enjoy playing tour guide when people come Los Angeles. What a perfect excuse to tell my restaurant that I need the weekend off... to go to Disneyland.

Disney was fun, but crowded. Considering it was a Friday in August, however, it wasn't too bad. I always think that some people get a lot more out of Disney than I do. No, I know that some people get A LOT more out of it. I always enjoy going, but it does not fill me with joy and contentment the way other places do.
(btw, that link is to one of my favorite bloggers)

However, when we went to the L.A. zoo and the Griffith Observatory the following day, I realized that I enjoy the zoo and park even more than animatronic rides. I mean, we have an annual pass to the zoo that costs less for two people than a single ticket to Disney. Plus free guest passes. And the observatory is free! And it's all less than a few miles from our place.
Griffith ObservatoryImage via Wikipedia

I really love this neighborhood. Last night at midnight, I got home from work and was hungry but didn't want to try to cook while our visitors were over. No problem! Why? There's a Thai restaurant around the block from us that's open super late and does take out. Did I mention that we live next to the best Thai food in the city? No? Well, now I am.

Of course, I always have to remind myself of Disney history like this... 
and that's why I like the zoo.

P.S. You should follow those links. You will be rewarded with cuteness.

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